About Us
Here at Lumivisual, we are a creative solutions company which offers professional and personal film and photography to clients internationally.

Our goal in life is to work closely with clients and provide tailored visual content suitable for a wide range of platforms. With over 15 years experience within the creative industry and a team of dedicated creatives. We assure that your idea or brand will be manifested into a unique and personal product. The expertise we have here at Lumivisual range from discussing your photography or video project to producing it to the highest of quality. From the whole team at Lumivisual, we are here to work with you.

Video Production

With a dedicated team of film industry professionals dedicated to idea development, camera operation and post-production. Lumivisual pride ourselves on always accommodating every client film request.


From real estate to your next advertising campaign, Lumivisual’s knowledge in lighting, equipment and composition will insure your products is admired by customers in the best light.

Project Management

We know the struggles of not having a professional producer on set. Here at Lumivisual we will tailor your requests and find you the best team for the project.


Since the beginning of Lumivisual, we have a been providing creative video to clients in a range of timelines and budgets. We firmly believe that we work well under pressure and would love to create your next unique video in the same manner.


Photography can be used to inspire, uplift and bring attention to innovative products all over the world. We understand how to produce photography and we thrive at the challenge of taking your brand image and visualising it in a way which appeals to your target audience.

Project Management

We know the struggles of not having a professional producer on set. Here at Lumivisual we will tailor your requests and find you the best team for the project.

Alex Aalto
Co-FounderAlex is one of the co-founders at Lumivisual. Made in Finland and globally educated, Alex is finessed in the skills of photography, studio management and producing. He is also renowned for his guest lectures all over the U.K. Be sure to hear from him for your next amazing project.
Will Churchill
Co-FounderWill is one of the co-founders at Lumivisual. Born and raised in London but with a twist of Serbian, He is a film creative with over 8 years experience in the industry. Will’s career has found him on the sets of music videos, films and television. his technical knowledge of film equipment means he can materialise any idea and create unique and tailored video.

I was working very closely with Alex during the creative operations. He has an outstanding skill to adapt the creative vision and put it into practice, supported by commercial thinking. With Will working was seamless, he has a deep understanding of the technical side of the business which is the main key of cinematography. I can highly recommend Lumivisual. I’m looking forward to the next project”

‘Alex is a pleasure to work with – interpreted our brief perfectly, and brought a really clean and professional feel to our new interior photographs’
Daniel Franco da Silva

Founder of Gypsy Stables

Will has proven to have great skills, ideas and creative thinking. Very happy with the results of the initial project approach, briefing and deciding on the correct outcome. Really appreciate the constant seeking of input and any relevant information. That all lead to a great final video and everyone has been extremely happy with the result and would come back for more.

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